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What I Do

I am an integrative coach, meditation and mindfulness instructor and facilitator of eco-connective process

I help future-builders become the next-stage version of themselves asking to emerge, so they can fulfill their vision and have a more powerful impact without sacrificing their well-being.

Integrative Coaching

I work with clients primarily one-on-one through short and long term coaching engagements. As an integrative coach, my approach is holistic. I draw on many techniques, tools and schools of coaching, modalities of conscious practice and principles and practice of regenerative leadership. We work with mindsets, emotions, soma, intuition, energy and spirit. I weave in practices from mindfulness, meditation, energy work, intuitive connection and eco-somatic experience. I bring in philosophy, living systems thinking, metaphor, ecological and cosmological principles and more.



I view each person as a living system of many interrelated aspects, who is part of other interconnected living systems- their teams, culture, community and the wider web of life. Ultimately, we work towards building coherence of these aspects in your life, where they serve your success, freedom, and greatest self. Generally, that means being aligned with what you think, feel and do; balanced between mind, emotion, body, energy and spirit; embodied as your authentic self and deeply aware and connected with the world around you. The beauty is that we can do this while working towards truly meaningful goals in your life and creating extraordinary positive impact in the world.

Ready to see if we’re a fit?

Book an Emergence Session and we can chat specific to your challenges and how I can serve you.

COMING SOON: Workshops, Group and Retreat

I will be offering free and one-off workshops that bring change-agents together to work with community and focused issues, related to living a coherent, regenerative and meaningful life of impact. I’ll also be offering opportunities to work with conscious connective and eco-connective practice and embodied experiences, such as nature immersions and mindfulness for groups. 

On a special case basis, I will take on contracts to design workshops or retreats for teams and organizations. If you’d like to explore, I’d love to chat! Connect  with me by email through my contact form below.

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Accredited Integrative Coach (2021) | School of Positive Transformation 

Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher (2020) | School of Positive Transformation 

Reiki Practitioner (2017) | Myorei Healing

B.A. (Hons) Environmental Sustainability, Sociology, Philosophy | Dalhousie University (2015)

Continued Learning

Positive Mindfulness Program: Mindfulness-Based Flourishing (2021) | School of Positive Transformation 

Mindful Schools 101 (2021) | Mindful Schools

Regenerative Leadership Journey (2021-22) | Regenerators Academy

Impacting Leaders | Mindvalley (2022)

The Power of Embodied Transformation (2023) 29.5 CEUs | Coaches Rising


Climate Coaching Alliance

Association for Coaching

Regenerative Coaches Community of Practice

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