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How I Work

The heart of my coaching revolves around 


Coherence is a state of being in holistic alignment and balance. It means we are aligned between what we feel, think and do. It means being clear and true to values and purpose, being authentic, acting with integrity and alignment to our own inner guidance system. It means living out alignment between our inner and outer worlds. When we live in coherence, life opens up into greater flow, abundance and ease and we feel well. We feel more meaning, purpose, joy and a connection to life. 


I don’t just coach to help solve problems, I also coach to help alchemize the conditions for greater greatness to emerge.


All living systems adapt, evolve and thrive into greater potential by sensing and responding to the tension between what is working to serve life and what isn’t. Dis-ease is the needed counter-force required for evolution. Resistance precedes flow, tension precedes stability, and the interplay of elements experiencing tension is the chaos required for change, transformation and ever greater potential emerging. When we feel misaligned, off-purpose, challenged, it is propelling us toward the next form. When society and ecosystems become stressed, change-agents arise to bring us back to wholeness. 


So we play with resistance, knowing it’s happening for us, as part of nature’s way. We seek the next form.


More about how I work:



I am here to serve you. That means I approach every session with non-attachment to outcome and no agenda for your life, or else I’d be serving me. It also means I hide nothing and I hold nothing back, even when it means reflecting something that may be uncomfortable for you to hear- in the sense of challenging your thinking. I will always ask for your consent, but in order to serve you fully, I need to be able to mirror back to you what I am seeing and hearing with complete honesty and trust that serving you is at heart. It will always be your choice to decide what resonates with you and you have complete permission to toss out any of my offerings!


Every great coaching journey starts with trust. Trust between you and I, but also in the process. I trust you have everything you need to be successful, to find answers, to create powerful shifts in your life and that each session something will happen. It always does. 


Stand at the threshold

Beneath the challenges and resistance you are facing, there lays somewhere an answer, a new freeing perspective, a powerful insight that can change everything. I’m looking for that in you and I facilitate your exploration in discovering what asks to be seen. When I hear insight, I stand at its threshold and hold it while you explore what it means to you and what you are called to do with it. 

I listen through all my available capacities and to much more than your words. I am listening to the story behind the story, the person behind the problem and what is said without being said. I’m listening with my ears, but also my body as an instrument of resonance and energy. I’m hearing your words, but I’m also hearing how your body tells the story. We are more than a mind. We are a walking, talking living system of many dimensions, each of which has intelligence and a voice. Along the way you’ll grow your capacity to deeply listen into your system and it will translate into deeper sensing of others.

Deep Listening


If we really want new seeds to grow, we must create enough space for them in our soil.  

From space, silence and slowing down we can access a greater level of wisdom. Our coaching sessions are explicitly a space dedicated to you and your path of growth and they're sacred. We slow down to speed up, we invoke silence to hear answers and we clear the mind of chatter to allow our innate intelligence of the heart, body and inner creator to come through. I play the role of supporting you with mindfulness and intuitive connective practice, techniques to ground, quiet the mind, and will slow you down if you are going too fast so you can really hear your own insight.

Build Awareness + Capacity

Living systems thrive through their capacities to flow with their environment. They also use their capacity to sense, listen and respond to adapt and grow other capacities needed to thrive amidst new challenges. This gives them a regenerative ‘forever-potential’ to constantly evolve with greater resilience to changing conditions. The same is true for our being, as its own living system.


I’m interested in your long-term growth and your ‘forever-potential’ to thrive. I support my clients to develop their capacities needed to thrive, through becoming more self-aware and resilient to changing and challenging circumstances. Some of the capacities we tap into, reawaken and build along the way are: Sense into your whole-being: mind, body, emotion, intuition and energy; Sense into the systems outside of you: your context, relationships, team, and listen at a level that gives you greater awareness and potential to enliven those systems to greater potential; Navigate challenge and complexity with greater resilience. And many more. These latent capacities not only allow you to live a more connected and well life, they are also future-fit capacities needed to create a deeper impact as a leader of change


Honour Your Inner Creator

I hold that every person is a unique expression of the divine and behind each expression of your uniqueness rests a very special and non-unique consciousness that exists in unity. There is a life force within us which gives us our infinite creatorship, and it’s shared by all of life. It has many names, but it's in and through everyone and it’s always willing to play. Part of creating space is to give it room to come through, be heard and to actively call it forward. I speak to your highest self, your inner creator and honour what comes through.

Intelligence of Life

All of life is filled with an intelligence that has been evolving with and through the natural world for billions of years. What other technology do you know of, with that much development? The patterns and principles of nature are what hold it together, and they appear like fractals at all scales and levels of being. 

We work with the innate intelligence of your being, but also the intelligence of life around us. I honour nature as co-coach, especially in outdoor coaching or workshops. I work from and call in the light at levels of field, and trust that there are forces outside our physical being supporting us at all times. I call in the greatest good and visualize each coaching session having been exactly what was needed for you in a meditation before we meet. I pull in metaphors, principles and patterns of nature and the cosmos to support our exploration. Along the way, we build capacities of consciousness and awareness in one another.


In living systems, emergence occurs when parts of the system dance together in such a way that they bring about a new quality; they become more than the sum of the parts. When we feel dis-ease in our system, internally (self) or externally (other), it's a signal energy wants to move and a new form seeks to come through. And, when the parts of a living system are dancing beautifully, there is a level of coherence that occurs, which allows even greater potential to emerge. I don’t just coach to help solve problems, I also coach to help alchemize the conditions for greater greatness to emerge. What comes out of us when we are aligned in all aspects is higher potential that requires that alignment to come through. When we are not in alignment and face resistance, what seeks to come through is what’s needed to thrive once again. Something always seeks to emerge; life wants more life to occur, it is emergent by nature. In our coaching journey, we will play with what seeks to come through you, moment to moment, but also over time.


I work from the belief that there is always opportunity, always a gift, always potential and that life happens for us. I believe we are omnificient beings- infinitely creative; there’s no limit to your creative potential.  I will behold you in this light and work with you to create space where we play with abundance, rather than scarcity; Love, rather than fear. From that place, there’s only possibility to be realized.

Commitment to My Path

The reason I coach in a holistic, integrative way is because I’ve been experiencing different modalities of healing and conscious connection for many years. I’ve had mentors and guides for energy work, somatic psychotherapy meditation, coaches, mentors, breathwork, biotuning, and more. That’s why I believe in their power, because I know them through experience. I am committed to a path of constant learning and practicing the methods I teach, and will continue to seek further training and teachers of my own. I also continue to walk a conscious path of continued deep work on myself, so that I may be clear and fit for service.

Vibration and Elevated States

"Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates." —The Kybalion 


From the wisdom of ancient traditions and modern research, we know that we can influence our vibration, emotional states and brain, heart and body through presence, attention, intention and elevated emotion. As we raise our vibration and begin to resonate at higher frequencies, we can enter elevated states of coherence and flow, a now well researched phenomena. When I coach, I weave in techniques that help raise your vibration, generate elevated emotions and guide you to do the same in your daily life. This includes intuitive heart opening practices and meditations that help awaken and grow your capacity to tap into the intelligence of the heart field and work at a level of energy. As you raise your vibration and frequency, you attract a resonance at that level from the world around you and you create an opportunity for others to co-resonate with you.

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