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Hi, I'm Jake!

(He/Him) I am a white, settler person originally from Mi’kma’ki- the ancestral and unceded traditional territory of Mi'kmaq peoples (so called Nova Scotia). I am writing this from the unceded traditional territory of Coast Salish Peoples, specifically Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations (Vancouver). 

My Story

  • Self-sacrificed my well-being because ‘If I don't save this place, who will?’ 

  • Drowned in guilt because ‘I’m not doing enough’ 

  • Depleted my energy and neglected my needs because ‘someone needs help and the world needs saving’’ 

  • Felt ashamed because ‘I’m complacent to the problem”

  • Lost my passion and gave up joy because ‘my passions are less effective’ 

  • Burnt out because “There’s always more to do, I have to keep going’ 

  • Been paralyzed in doubt, procrastination and fear because ‘we’re doomed, there’s too much to do and how can I make a difference anyway?

  • Forgot to live out a connection to the natural world because ‘Thinking, doing and performance are more valuable’ 

  • Lost my confidence because ‘Who am I to do this?’

  • Lacked courage because ‘What if I fail?’ 

  • Avoided offering my gifts because ‘I don’t know enough’ 

  • Felt lonely and isolated because ‘no one seems to care’ 

  • Felt discouraged because ‘It’s not working’  

  • Felt like a failure because ‘My best isn’t enough’

And oh so much more…
I was no different. Along the way I've: 

​It requires great courage to relinquish the methods and modes of the old amid increasing volatility and uncertainty... Yet now, as leaders, we are called to let go and open up to a new authentic way...

"It's about becoming more creative, more authentic, more purposeful, more compassionate, more in tune with life within us and all around us."

                                                                                                                         -Regenerative Leadership, Laura Storm, Giles Hutchins

I serve as a certified integrative coach, meditation and mindfulness instructor and facilitator of eco-connective practice and regenerative process. Through 15 years in various changemaking roles, from grassroots through ENGO, I've contributed to many initiatives working on climate, environment, social justice, systems change and regenerative organization building. I’ve offered energy as an activist, changemaker, community organizer, educator, facilitator and wayfinder. I’ve been a leader, a follower and collaborator.


I have always gravitated to a holistic view of the world and became fascinated early in my life with philosophy, consciousness, the natural world and the cosmos. My personal journey to explore my consciousness and being, led me to experience many modalities of conscious exploration, healing, and self-transformation.


I’ve grown from a path of deep self-work, uncovering my traumas, connecting with my woundings, and building freeing mindsets and beliefs about myself. I’ve been rocked by the depth and power of somatic psychotherapy, breathwork, energy work and embodied practice. I’ve felt the peace and ease that comes from meditation and biophilia. I’ve felt the transformative power of coaching and partners in my insight. I know the ability of nature-immersive practice to deepen conscious connection with the natural world and the flow and richness that comes with living a spiritual path. I bring my experience, knowledge and processes into my work. 


Along the way, I woke up to the reality that the degenerative, life-destroying systems causing living systems to breakdown- climate, ecology, communities, people, souls and bodies- had a common denominator. They all reveal degenerative values, cultures and paradigm within us. I saw that the world within us, is mirrored in the world around us- how we are on the inside, reflects on the outside and vice versa. I saw that there's a longer story of evolution at play, which has left us living out stories of separation- humans from nature, parts from wholes, inner world from outer world to name a few. Ultimately the illusion that anything is separate, rather than part of an interconnected web of life has led to destructive systems, structure and cultures which have forgotten to include the intelligence of life, the wisdom of evolution, and the patterns and principles of nature's way. Restoring this connection is core to transitioning human systems to life-affirming and life-attuned systems capable of regenerating the wellbeing of people and the planet, into greater and greater potential, forever.


We are not just undergoing a global transition of human systems and evolution of the world around us- we are at the same time experiencing an evolution of the world within us. Consciousness is evolving in and through us and we are the universe becoming conscious of itself. My coaching centers the growth of awareness and consciousness.

I also noticed that even changemakers are not immune to the cultures, paradigms and systems they seek to change. Most of us were just as saturated in these degenerative cultures and systems as anyone else. I watched my allies colleagues live in chronic stress, with mental health challenges and sick bodies. I felt the loss of their gifts and leadership when they were gone. I saw they lacked a deep embodied and spiritual relationship with the natural world they fought so hard to protect and the whole of life.

We are part of a larger collective evolutionary unfolding, while at the same time walking our own personal journey of experience and growth. The world we dream of needs us to learn to live in ways that feel aligned, meaningful, coherent and regenerative of our being because the challenges we face are many, the complexity is growing, and uncertainty is the new norm. In order to do this thing, we need to learn to live and lead from love, joy, abundance, meaning and connection. We need to prioritize purpose, passion, courage and flow. Not only will we live better lives, while consciously evolving as people, we will be more creative, innovative and impactful in our efforts. 


A more beautiful future is seeking to emerge, and you are here to bring it about.


I'm here to help you do it, while living a life full of aliveness, joy, purpose, clarity, courage and meaning. I'm here to help you navigate a journey to life-attuned leadership and greater, deeper regenerative impact. I serve to help you thrive, while creating extraordinary impacts in the world. I will help you discover new ways of being, living and leading while overcoming challenges hindering your journey. And, I'll help you explore a richer connection to the whole of life, the whole of your being and build future-fit capacities that will support your long-term growth and leadership, as we contribute to a great transition. 

We get to feel fully alive, while regenerating aliveness around us.

I'd be honoured to walk with you on your path of service and to partner with you on your journey to living and leading a regenerative, coherent and meaningful life on our way to co-creating a coherent earth.

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