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This time on Earth may be full of crisis, but it's more full of potential. 


Together, through living and leading regenerative lives we can transition from a life-destroying society, to a life-affirming global family. We can discover our highest potential, and live our greatest lives as we rebuild a...


Coherent earth


There is a more beautiful future seeking to emerge and you are here to bring it about.


I'm here to help.


I serve as an integrative coach, meditation and mindfulness instructor and eco-connective facilitator

I help change-agents live a regenerative, coherent, and meaningful life so they can feel fully alive and create extraordinary impact without staying stuck in burnout, overwhelm and indecision.

Hi, I'm Jake!

For the last 10+ years, I’ve offered my energy in both professional and volunteer capacities as an activist, changemaker, community organizer, educator, facilitator, coach and wayfinder. I’ve been a leader, a follower and collaborator. 

I’ve experienced many of the personal, organizational and collective challenges that come with this path of service. ​

As I moved through roles, I saw that others like me committed to this work struggled to live a balanced life full of joy and wellbeing along the way.


I saw they too were living out the same degenerative beliefs, values and cultures that have led to the stressed systems, souls, bodies and planet they sought to heal.

I knew my next chapter would serve the transition we need in the world around us, through working with transformations of the world(s) within us. 

181219_209_BW (1).jpg
We cannot build regenerative societies if we withdraw our wellbeing from the equation.
When you access and embody your greatest self,  you empower others to do so with you.
I'm here to help you live your expression of life worth living, while we build a world worth living in. 
How would it feel to know exactly where your greatest impact lies, to be clear on your purpose, decisive in your action and authentic in your being?


What would your life look like if you had the tools and support to create deeper alignment, balance, meaning and a conscious connection to life? 


What if you could experience greater flow, energy and joy while creating a deeper impact through your work and leadership?

Folks come to me for many reasons, but they always leave...


With greater clarity, purpose, joy, and flow with an actionable path to live a more aligned, meaningful and impactful life of service.


Feeling more fully alive, and embody authentic alignment with greater courage, confidence and commitment. 

Living a more balanced and spiritually fulfilling life, with a toolbox of intuitive practices that give them greater resilience and regenerative leadership capacities that translate into life-affirming leadership. 

And so much more…


One-on-One Intensive


Rapid Clarity and


1 Month

  • Rapid clarity of what has you stuck and what will unblock you

  • Focused insight every session

  • Actionable steps to move you forward

  • Leave with a plan for growth and success.

  • Greater courage, confidence and commitment

One-on-One Coaching

Coherence, Regenerative Being

6 + 10 Month

  • Clarify what holds you back, leap forward

  • Mindsets, habits which expand your capacity to thrive

  • Embody authentic alignment with more joy, flow and balance

  • Develop holistic self-awareness and future-fit leadership capacities

  • Harness your strengths and deepen meaningful connection to your path of service.

  • Achieve meaningful goals, with greater impact and success

  • Greater purpose, courage and confidence

One-on-One Coaching

Leadership, Performance Impact

6 + 10 Month

  • Live and lead with greater purpose, meaning

  • Bring an innovative project to life, step into your dream role.

  • Achieve ambitious goals with ongoing challenge support

  • Develop future-fit, regenerative leadership capacities

  • Thrive with greater emotional resilience, fortitude and self-awareness

  • Overcome challenge with clear actionable steps

  • Create life-affirming impact in your organization and work

Meditation + Mindfulness Program


Coaching Add-on 

  • Develop a consistent mindfulness and meditation practice and promote long-term practice

  • Develop capacity to work with personal energy

  • Consciously connect with the natural world

  • Learn concepts, practices and methods of effective and best practices of mindfulness and meditation

  • Get past common challenges

  • Feel the research-based benefits of mindfulness/meditation:

"Within the first several minutes of meeting Jake I could feel a great connection; a warmth, positivity and enthusiasm that I really admire."

"Jake’s focused yet soft approach resonated with me... over the course of our sessions I came to be more playful with my personal growth, turning it into a fun and enjoyable part of my life"

​"I feel like I am finally embodying who I am in my career."

                                           Conrad Nickels, 37, Carnegie Learning, Director of Education

"If not now, when?
                 If not me, then who
- Malcom X

5% Regenerative commitment for people and the planet

5% of all my service fees are donated directly to organizations creating a positive regenerative impact for people and the planet. Half contributes to biodiversity, restoration and generating net-positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Half goes to organizations working with social justice issues and which support marginalized communities.

Together we give back more than we take along our journey and we contribute to transformative impact in the world, while achieving transformative impact in your life.


Changemakers constantly navigate the rigid structures, degenerative cultures and old paradigms of the systems they seek to change, internally and externally to our being. We take on increasing challenges, complexity and uncertainty while doing more with less resources. By nature, we are Wayfinders of many possible futures that haven't happened yet; there are no road maps.

We hold a vision for something greater, but struggle to keep focused in our action, adapt and lead others powerfully in new and more aligned ways. 

Many become paralyzed with stress, overwhelm, indecision, uncertainty and burnout. We lose hope. We lose clarity. We lose energy. We lack meaning. And then we find ourselves fighting to ‘survive’, rather than loving to thrive.

We get caught up in everything we must DO, and forget to pursue who we could BE.

But this means we lose your power, your gifts, your sparkle. And so do you.

Book a Discovery Call

  • What is coaching?
    As I coach, I partner with you as a facilitator of your own learning to help you maximize personal and professional potential. I act as a mirror to you with clear articulations to help you see what you can't see, and generate consistent powerful insights and actions that move forward. Coaching helps you access repeated insight, learning and integration with deep accountability and challenge support. I help you access new mindsets, feelings and behaviours and integrate changes based on your discoveries of self. Coaches help you find the courage to travel into your inner world, overcome barriers and come out, back to your outer world with a new gained wisdom and then integrate that change with the right support to build transformation.
  • What happens in a coaching session?
    Every session you arrive with an idea of what you would like to explore and what you need to get out of the conversation. We set a focus and outcome of the conversation, I help you explore your thinking by asking questions that will help you discover powerful insight and you always leave with actions that integrate what is needed. You are the driver and I help you navigate. Depending on what emerges, I may invite you into an intuitive practice, short meditation or embodied somatic exploration. I may also offer mindfulness practices or other reflective exercises to work with between sessions that support your exploration, growth and integration.
  • How do we get started?
    Book a Discovery session through my booking service. When you book, I ask you to complete my intake form before our session. In a Discovery session, we share a short chat about what calls you to coaching, what you want coaching to help you with and how my coaching works. My goal is to explore whether we are a fit and how I can serve you. I help you find clarity on what it is you need right now, determine if coaching is right for you and clarify what it is you want to create in your life. I will serve you in this short time to leave with more clarity, confidence and a small action toward your greatest goal. This is a free session. If we share a resonance, alignment and excitement to move forward, we will make a plan for next steps. Normally that means moving into contracting a coaching program. Moving from Discovery to the first session of our coaching program can happen in as little as a week to two weeks, but we do not move forward until we are both all in, our engagement is clear and we co-sign our contract. Sessions start after the first payment is received.
  • Can I book one session?
    I only offer one-time sessions to existing clients where extra sessions are desired, or clients who have gone through a coaching program with me. Change doesn't happen overnight. It takes repeated insight, exploration, learning and integration. Otherwise, we slip into our old ways, which have the advantage of many years of practice. That’s why I work with clients for 6 or 10 Months when deep change is desired. If you need rapid clarity, to get unstuck and make a plan of action I’d suggest exploring a 30-day intensive with me.
  • Can I meet my goals and solve my problems without the support of a coach?
    I believe every individual has the answers and capabilities they need to create what is needed in their life. This is actually foundational to my coaching. But the real power of a coach is in how much faster we can help you do it and with greater depth. You’ve likely experienced many times in your life when you took the long route to change, when you were left to your own devices. And you probably have also experienced how fast things can change, when you have support. Why wait?
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